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Import/Export SAD Checklist

Knowing what is required for you custom declaration can be challenging, here is a helpful checklist to use while preparing your declaration.

To avoid delays you should familiarise yourself with the standard requirements that are needed to form an import/export SAD (single administrative document).

When doing an Import declaration or an export declaration the information on each document can be slightly different, but here is an overall of view of what is required.

· EORI number of Importer/Exporter – If a party doesn’t have an EORI number a full name, address & postcode is required.

· Value details – Total amount invoiced, item price, currency, payment method.

· Previous document information – Type of document (commercial invoice, bill of lading, road consignment note, etc.) and the Reference number.

· Delivery terms – incoterms (ex works, cost and freight, delivered at place, etc.), delivery country and location.

· Transport information – Customs office of presentation, registration of truck/IMO number of vessel, transport document information, estimated time of arrival.

· Item details – commodity code, description of goods, relevant certificates/licenses, country of origin, gross/net mass

· Package details- package type (Box, pallet, crate, etc.), number of packages.

If you need a more detailed explanation on the standard requirements of import/export declarations you can email or contact us on

(+353) 872412684.


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