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Exporting Goods for Processing or Repair

If your goods are to be exported from the EU for processing or repair, you may be eligible to receive customs duty relief.

Outward processing is used when goods are temporarily exported and reimported after process or repair in a country outside the EU. This allows businesses to send goods outside of the EU for cheaper processing or repairs.

Copies of import documents, licences & supporting documents will be required for outward processing and must be retained for 3 years. C&L Declarations have a back up database up to four years that stores attachments on all customs declarations.

Applications for outward processing are to be made via the Customs Decision System (CDS). You must use the trader portal to submit the application and have a valid ROS certificate.

Revenue must specify the period within which the outward processing procedure is to be discharged, up to three years.

If you have any queries about outward processing feel free to contact us.


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