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Accompanying Documents

When submitting a Customs Declaration, you must attach accompanying documents with supporting information.

You must also retain these documents for customs inspection or audit for a period of three years from the end of the year in which the goods are released from revenue control. C&L Declarations offers a backup database up to four years for every accompanying document that is attached to a Customs Declaration.

Revenue have given examples of required supporting information such as:

· the invoice on which the customs value of the goods is declared.

· documents required for preferential trade agreements or other reliefs from duty (for example origin documents or bill of lading).

· other documents required under provisions governing the release for free circulation of the goods, for example import licences.

Knowing what accompanying documents that are needed for your goods will significantly speed up the declaration process and avoid the risk of being stopped by customs. Check out revenues prohibition & restrictions guide to ensure you have everything you need to trade your product.


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